Skill set for a dental apprentice

A skill set refers to a category of knowledge, abilities and experience necessary to perform a job. Various areas of skill sets include management, computer, administration, financial, human relations among others. Skill set is very important in dental apprenticeship as it might help in deciding what aspect of dentistry to go into. There are various types of skill sets; hard, soft, hybrid, transferable and Job-specific skills.

How to figure out what skills you have:

What do you enjoy doing?

Understanding yourself and identifying areas where you feel most comfortable in is very paramount in discovering your skill. If for example you are fascinated by computer related tasks, then you probably have a skill in computers.

What gets you compliments?

In a work setting or even daily living, you should take note of the things you do or tasks you perform that attracts compliments and are praise worthy.

What fuels your interest?

Observing activities that catches your attention most of the time may just be an inclination as to what your skills might be.

Overview of dental apprenticeship skills

Administrative skills

Dental apprentice most times are required to perform office duties such as interviewing patients, making appointments, taking records as well as patients' inventory. These tasks requires administrative skills such as detailing and communication skills (whether oral or written).

Technical skills

This is very important for dental laboratory assistants. Tasks such as taking blood pressure, x-rays, radiographs, fixing of braces and other dental aids would require technical skills and know-how for effective performance.

Physical abilities

An apprentice in dental medicine must possess outstanding physical abilities such as: ability to stand for long hours, good vision, good hearing, excellent hand control and the ability to remain calm in an unseeming situation.

Other skill sets such as interpersonal abilities, customer service and team playing are also important. An apprentice in dentistry must also possess a welcoming demeanor and good appearance at all times.